Patrick Nelson and Mary Kay Mohs

Patrick Mohs Jewelry is the artistic collaboration of husband and wife, Patrick Nelson and Mary Kay Mohs.  Together they share a great passion for the art of jewelry.  By joining their design and manufacturing skills, both of them are able to bring their love of fine jewelry to life.  

Living and creating their jewelry in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, they have 10,000 design inspirations.  Natural, flowing lines inspired by the beauty of the lakeshore surroundings are found throughout their collections.  Each piece of jewelry is designed three-dimensionally – no corner or surface left untouched.  Patrick Mohs Jewelry is an exploration in what is possible with design, metal, and gemstones.  Every piece is an adventure!




Patrick grew up immersed in a world of jewelry with his mother working as a bench jeweler and gemologist.  She started making silver spoon rings that soon turned into her own store in Glencoe, MN.  Patrick would sit at a bench and play with silver which would then become one of his first pieces of jewelry, still in the possession of his aunt today.  He followed in his mother's footsteps by heading out to California and attending the Gemologist Institute of America.

Mary Kay, on the other hand did not grow up in jewelry but had always admired her mother's beautiful jewelry pieces.  She would see her mother become fascinated with gemstones, rocks, and jewelry, and as she got older Mary Kay buried her nose in books about gemology and geology.

Little did they know that their fascination with gems and jewelry would put both Patrick and Mary Kay in paths that would eventually cross and create not only a marriage but a partnership to explore and curate their own line of jewelry.

They have built relationships with gem vendors, traveling to different parts of the world to handpick gemstones that everyone around the world can relate to. As a duo, they are able to play off both of their strengths to capture a story with their gems and then tell that story in the most creative way.  Each gemstone has a story and they want to tell it. 

Patrick Mohs Jewelry and Gemstones